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What Clients have to say:

"Angelisse is extremely skilled at helping clients find a palette of colors that suits them, without imposing her own taste, yet often encouraging them to be bolder than they would be. Angelisse also makes sense financially - in finding colors more quickly and avoiding wasting money on lots of samples. I've seen Angelisse successfully work with many different kinds of people, and I recommend her strongly to all my clients."

Kathy Rogers, Principal Architect
Sogno Design Group

"Angelisse turned the kitchen remodel in our historic craftsman home from a near-disaster into a triumph. With one look at our house and plans, she immediately made wonderful suggestions that turned our whole project around. She provided input on everything from the paint to tile and fixtures, and found exactly the right color for the walls."

Gail Martin, Professor

"Angelisse transformed my ho-hum living room into a lively, creative and comfortable space. Her advice on carpeting, upholstery and paint was invaluable in pulling together a unified look. Thanks to her artistry and creative flair, pieces that looked like they belonged in a garage sale now look like works of art."

Marcia Stewart, Editor

"I always operated from the premise that a simple white background was the way to go, using my art work to add the color. I assumed that colored walls would shrink a room. What I learned was contrary to those notions. Color on the walls integrated the room, enhanced the sense of space and improved the view."

Donna Boatright, Academic Vice President
College of Marin

"Working with Angelisse was both fun and very illuminating. I learned a great deal about how to accentuate or contrast different spaces. The shine and color values we chose all added to the clarity of the architecture."

Henry Gutman, Architect
Modern Art and Architecture

"We remodeled our kitchen on a limited budget focusing mostly on tile and counters. Angelisse's eye for detail, color selection and placement helped transform and unify all the new and old elements into a contemporary yet warm space. We recommend her constantly."

Heidi and Jerry Long, Realtors
Coldwell Bankers, Real Estate

"We wanted a bold color but were afraid it would make the room look small. Just as Angelisse said, the room looks bigger. We get compliments all the time and enjoy the room much more ourselves."

Charlie King, Psychologist
Olga Grinsted, Psychologist

"Angelisse turned a drab off-white space into one that is stimulating and comfortable to look at and be in. Someone told me my house feels like 'feng shui of color'. The color is exciting yet calming at the same time."

Merry Ross, Drama Therapist
Pat Zimski, Lawyer and Real Estate Developer

"Angelisse was thoughtful and focused on finding the color I wanted, not just something she thought would be good for me. When I realized that she was really listening, the process became a lot of fun. She is a good sounding board and a great problem solver."

Jeanine Alexander, Marketing Planner
San Francisco

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